40th Anniversary

If you are on Facebook, then you may be aware that Ron & I celebrated our 40th wedding anniversary on October 8! We were in Salt Lake City visiting our daughter and her family; our sons and their wives surprised us by flying out for a visit! We were all together for two days in a beautiful mountain home in Utah. I thought I was speechless, but there is video evidence that I screeched! Perhaps I was screechless ?!?!  What an incredible blessing!

Before we left on our trip, my 84 YO mother fell and broke her arm. She has been the sole caregiver of my 90 YO father (whose right leg was amputated last year). Thankfully, my entire family pitched in to take care of them, and we were able to go ahead and take our trip! 

The day we came back, mother was hospitalized with pneumonia, anemia, a UTI, and congestive heart failure. She was very sick, and is still weak, even though her arm is healed. Family members (including me) are continuing to stay with them, and are evaluating how much help they will continue to need. 

All this to say, I haven’t been around very much on Fridays, and that is the reason. I’ve missed seeing so many of you, but I’m still not sure what my Friday schedule will be. For sure, I’ll see you at Aesop’s Fables! I’m glad I had my yearbook picture made at one of the faculty meetings, because I’ll be at a doctor’s appointment with my parents on November 3. And my parents appreciated the food provided by our senior class from the Seniors Serving Seniors day! 


As you think of it, we’d appreciate prayers for my parents as they make major adjustments in their lives, and for the rest of us as we care for them. Thank you!  God has made everything appropriate in its time. He has also set eternity in our hearts, even though we don’t always understand what He is doing at the time. Ecclesiastes 3:11