G.A.P. Co-op Information

G.A.P. Co-Op grew from a group of parents who have a love of teaching and a desire to provide low-cost credit-worthy classes. Classes are offered in language, math, science, and history as well as electives. Classes are taught two days a week; assignments are done by students at home on the other days of the week. All material and new concepts are taught by the teachers on class days. The teachers will assign students homework to work on the other days of the week. G.A.P. classes are open to Crossroads’ families and target students in grades 7-12.


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Friday Co-op Information


Friday co-op classes are open only to Crossroads’ families who have homeschooled for at least one year. The classes are for students in grades 1-12. Preschool classes are only for younger siblings of activity participants or children of teachers. For Friday co-op, parents must remain on the church campus, even during free time. If not teaching a class, parents will be assigned a job (co-teacher, helper, cleaning, etc.). A high level of involvement is expected of everyone, whether you are a teacher or a participating family. All classes must have a teacher and a co-teacher. Other class helpers may be needed as well. Cleaning jobs must be done at the end of the day.


August 4 / Friday Co-Op Registration

Sept 8 – Nov 10 / Fall term Friday Co-op classes 

Feb 2 – April 20 / Spring term Friday Co-op classes (subject to change)