For the program, we need to know a few things:

Who wants to give a testimony, speech, sing or play a song during the ceremony?  If you could let me know this weekend, that would be helpful.  It should be a Christian song, and I’d like to see the words ahead of time.  Whatever you sing/play/say, it should be approximately 2-3 minutes. 

If you will be receiving a scholarship or special award that would be appropriate to announce or give during the ceremony, let me know that also.  Specific name of the scholarship and/or award, name of the college or organization giving it, etc. 

Parents, you will be the ones awarding your diploma during the ceremony, so you will be on stage, and one of you needs to attend the rehearsal. 

There will be a professional videographer there, recording the ceremony.  Each graduate will receive a copy of the DVD; the PowerPoint presentation that will run 30 minutes prior to the ceremony will be at the end of the graduation DVD.  There will be a professional photographer there making pictures for the yearbook, and you will be able to purchase packages from him, if you desire.

SENIOR BREAKFAST – Monday May 19, 9 am, Cracker Barrel in Trussville

GRADUATION REHEARSAL – Monday May 19, 10:30 am

GRADUATION – Tuesday May 20, 7 pm

Plan to arrive on Tuesday night, no later than 5:30 to get your picture made by the photographer before the ceremony.  IF your parents cannot get there early, the photographer will be making pictures following the ceremony also. 

Graduation is a semi-formal occasion, which is why we ask that you please follow the dress code for graduation that I have included below:     




  • White, collared, button-up dress shirt
  • Dark dress slacks (preferably black, but navy, dark gray, or dark brown is acceptable)
  • Socks the color of your slacks
  • Dark tie (no bow ties), tied neatly
  • Dark dress shoes, clean and polished, that complement your slacks (NO sandals, Birkenstocks, flip flops, or tennis shoes)


  • Sunday dress or suit, or dressy blouse and skirt
  • Dark, conservative heels that you can walk up and down stairs in comfortably (NO Birkenstocks, beach-type flip flops, or tennis shoes)
  • Be sure that the hem of your outfit does not extend below the hem of your graduation gown.

Important Notes:

Prior to the ceremony, we will be making cap and gown pictures.  Also, families will be making photos, so you need to look your best at all times. 

Mortarboards (also known as “caps”) must be worn flat on top of your head, parallel with the floor.  DO NOT tilt it back.  Bobby-pin it in place if necessary.  Your hair should be styled in such a way that the mortarboard is worn correctly.  That may mean a haircut! 

Not Participating in Graduation?

If you DO NOT plan to participate in the graduation ceremony, would you please click this link [Click Here] and let us know?

If you DO plan to participate in the graduation ceremony, did you remember to return your cap & gown order form to Balfour?  If not, [Click Here] send us your name, height and weight so we can send it to Balfour directly.