Newsletter - June 2019



Oh, I am weary right now! How about you? Ready for some rest? Let’s take it where we can get it! It may not be a week, or even a weekend, away. But seek some rest for your soul and body.

My mother fell and broke her hip the day before Easter, so our family has been quite involved in taking care of her. Many of you have been in this place in your lives or are here now. It is a privilege to care for our elderly parents but balancing that task with our other responsibilities is a thoughtful process. 

However, I am weary also with the things going on legislatively on a state and federal level. The Alabama state legislature has been quite busy this term. So busy I can hardly keep up with it.

The Alabama legislature passed a strict anti-abortion, pro-life bill. And I’m thankful for that. But the rhetoric against it is difficult to hear. I’m thankful for the courageous people who wrote the bill and the legislators who approved it. Now we need to pray that it makes it to the US Supreme Court as a challenge to Roe v. Wade. 

The house has passed a bill mandating K5 kindergarten and effectively lowering the compulsory attendance age to age 5. The troubling language in the bill maybe says that even homeschoolers must be in “an approved course of study.” I haven’t read all the amendments to make sure, but the original house sponsor of the bill used that language. I’ve called my state senator, where the bill is as I write this article. I asked that IF this bill is passed, that language be included exempting private and church schools from the approved state “course of study.” 

The state senate has also passed a bill that our state board of education be an appointed board, not an elected board. What a great opportunity for corruption and cronyism! Please, members of the Alabama house of representatives, don’t approve this. I have e-mailed my representative about this. IF it does pass out of the house, this will be on the ballot next March as a constitutional amendment, so we will at least have an opportunity to vote it down then.

The lawmakers are tying this appointed school commission to a “get rid of Common Core” bill. Which is a good idea. But please, let our elected state school board do this. Most of them only voted for Common Core in the first place because our federal department of education dangled dollars in front of the states and said, You don’t get federal money if you don’t vote this in.

And how about that Equality Act that has passed out of the US House of Representatives and is in the Senate right now? Talk about trampling on women’s rights, parental rights, and religious freedom; this one does it all. You’d better call your senators right now and register your disapproval for this legislation. I have e-mailed them; I will call later! I think this bill is still in Senate committee. Pray that it dies in the Senate committee. The previous incarnations of this bill in 2015 and 2017 died in committee in both houses of Congress. 

And don’t forget to pray for all of these weighty issues. As my husband Ron is so fond of reminding me, God is not wringing His hands about all this stuff that is going on in our state and nation, and world. He is God, and His purposes will be accomplished. Pray for His will to be done, the prayer that never fails. And then trust Him for whatever happens. Trust that you will see His goodness in the land of the living and look for it!


Tuesdays and Thursdays, 9 am to 3 pm
The Crossroads office will maintain office hours throughout the summer, although we will be closed the week of July 1-5. If you have any questions, call (205) 640-2174 .



Saturday June 8, 9 am to 1 pm 
Set up on Friday June 7, 2-4 pm AND Saturday June 8, 8-9 am
Saturday August 3, 9 am to 1 pm
Set up on Friday August 2, 2-4 pm AND Saturday August 3, 8-9 am
Gym at CPC

How the Sale Works

The gym is divided into sections. Elementary materials (preschool through grade 6) are grouped by grade. Secondary materials (grades 7-12) are grouped by subject. Areas are set aside for reading books, teacher resource materials, multi-level, games, and miscellaneous. There’s also a section devoted to “free” materials (anything you’re willing to give away).

If you’re selling items, please mark all your materials carefully. If something is free, write “free” on it, or on a label stuck to it. Otherwise, attach an envelope to each item, with your name, the item’s name, recommended grade level (if known), and the price. If you have more than one item in a set, band the materials together, and write how many pieces are in the set on your envelope. The purchaser will place the purchase amount in these envelopes.

When sellers bring the books to set up, register with the cashier who will label a large manila envelope with your name and phone number. This envelope will be used to collect individual envelopes which contain payment for the materials being sold. If you have time, you might consider making a master list of your books and curricula, for your use when you pick up your money and unsold materials on Saturday.

Schedule for Set Up and Sale

Set up will be on Friday afternoon June 8 from 2-4 pm, and Saturday June 9 from 8- 9 am. The sale will begin at 9 am Saturday morning and close promptly at 1 pm. Plan to return at 1 pm on Saturday to pick up your money and any unsold materials, or have a friend do it for you. It is very important that you comply with this requirement! Crossroads is not responsible for any materials left in the gym.

Volunteers Needed

This sale is run by volunteers. Everyone who plans to sell materials must volunteer to help with either set up on Friday, or take down on Saturday afternoon, or cashiering during the sale. No books can be put out on Friday until tables and signs are in place. On Saturday we must give sellers time to collect all their materials. So take down generally begins at 1:15 or 1:30.

We use 3-4 cashiers during two 2-hour shifts: 9 to 11 am, and 11 am to 1 pm.

On Friday at 2 pm, tables have to be moved from other buildings to the gym. Then those tables have to be taken back on Saturday afternoon. Signs have to be put on walls on Friday and taken down on Saturday. You’re welcome to bring your children to help with these tasks. Contact the Crossroads office if you plan to sell books, and let us know how you plan to help.

End-Of-Year Records due June 15

For Returning Families, remember that we ask that you have all your past year’s tuition and records up to date when you re-register; the deadline for that is June 15. You should have received a QuickBooks statement with a summary of your 2018-19 tuition. If you need any extensions for records or tuition, please contact the Crossroads office by e-mail or by phone.

Crossroads registration is now open!

If you plan to return to Crossroads next year, please complete the Returning Family registration. Tuition for the current school year ends in May; tuition for school year 2019-20 begins in June. We do have year-round tuition. 

New Family registration for school year 2019-20 will close on Wednesday August 7, at 9 pm. This gives us enough time to complete New Family interviews and prepare materials before orientation on August 16. 

For all of those who want to join Crossroads next year, complete a New Family registration. Even if you have been enrolled elsewhere, and are returning to Crossroads, use the New Family registration. We still need to interview you and complete paperwork. We will begin New Family interviews some time in June and will contact everyone by phone to schedule this.  There is a $35 registration fee due at interview time, and then your tuition begins in August. 

If your oldest child is not older than 6 years old before January 1, 2020 you do not have to enroll in a church school … yet. So we do provide the Preschool Family option for those of you who want to affiliate with Crossroads before it’s time to enroll officially. You can participate in field trips and activities, for a one-time fee of $35 per year. If your child is 6 years old, you do have to notify your school district that you are “opting out” of enrolling in a school until your child turns 7 years old.


  • New Family Orientation for 2019-20 school year
    Friday August 16, 7 pm, CPC Sanctuary 

  • First Faculty meeting for 2019-20 school year
    Saturday August 17, 10 am, Bethel Baptist Church

  • Back to School Bash: All Ages!
    WorldSong Camp in Cook Springs
    August 30:  9 a.m. – 2 p.m.
    Details to come.

05_29_19 Weekly.jpg


Led by Stacy and Missy Lowery
For Crossroads students in grades 9-12

Thursday August 22, 2-8 pm 
Friday August 23, 9 am to 5 pm 
Saturday August 24, 9 am to 12 noon
Community Presbyterian Church 
Stay tuned for more details as they become available!  


Congratulations!  Another year is in the books.  We have had a great year of activities. Thank you for joining us as we explored museums, hiked mountains, made glass blown ornaments, enjoyed ballets, plays and got in touch with our creative side through making valentine boxes and creative dance themed attire. It has been a good year.

Thanks go to Rachel Wheelis and Missy Lowery for their creative offerings even in the face of entire education departments closing on them and a director moving to another job and having to cancel on us!  These ladies work hard to come up with great field trips each year.  

We are already hard at work on the 2019-2020 school year which promises to be an adventure. Keep watching for the August newsletter which will hold all the fall field trips and will direct you to Cheddar Up for signing up.

Have a great summer!
Jenny Bartz and the Activities Team.

Contact Information:

Jenny Bartz, Activities Director (205) 577-0212

Missy Lowery, Teen Coordinator (205) 910-0893

Rachel Wheelis, Elementary Coordinator (205) 335-1936


Saturday June 8, 10 am (during Used Book Sale)
Thursday July 11, 7 pm
Saturday August 3, 10 am 
Back Building at CPC

Do you have friends or family who are thinking about homeschooling next year? Crossroads offers FREE seminars to share information to those who are investigating this educational option. Each of these seminars lasts about 1-1/2 hours, and covers Alabama state law, how church schools fit in, some of the specifics about Crossroads Christian School, curricula choices, and a little bit on recordkeeping.  Attending one of these seminars does not obligate anyone to homeschool, or to join Crossroads. We want to get out the word about homeschooling, but since we don’t have a lot of 1-hour blocks of time to talk individually with families, we have scheduled three Homeschooling 101 seminars: June, July, and August. Spread the word!


Saturday August 17, 2 pm 
Back Building at CPC

Questions about whether or not you are prepared to teach your children all the way through high school? A lot of families do, so we’ll try to answer those questions at this seminar after the first faculty meeting on August 17. As homeschoolers, you actually have a great deal of latitude in how you educate, but it does help to plan ahead of time. This seminar is to introduce you to new ideas, ways of doing things, options for navigating high school to individualize instruction for your students. We also cover some of the nuts and bolts about high school: how to determine credits if you’re designing your own courses, Alabama state diploma requirements, dual enrollment courses at local community colleges, vocational education. If you have students going into 8th grade and above, please join us for this free seminar. 

Contact the school office to let us know you plan to attend.

Key Club Logo.png

Happy summer! The Key Club is already planning events for next August and September. The officers hope to have a teen get together and start planning the parent prom again.

If you are interested in joining Key Club next year please contact one of our officers or myself for information. There is always room for you! You can come to the first meeting to see if this is something you would like to be a part of for this next year.

President – Cassie Cunningham / (205) 603-2524
Vice President – Mark Allison
Secretary – Sarah White
Editor – Joshua Dodgen
Chaplin – Kayla Allison
Key Club Advisor – Tere Sizemore

Next year is only a few months away! If you are interested in joining Key Club or have questions please call.

Tere Sizemore
Key Club Advisor

Crossroads Christian Co-op

We had a great spring semester and are busy planning for the next school year. Please be thinking about what you’d like to teach in the fall. If you have any questions about Co-op, please email

It's time to get with THE program: Trinity Homeschool Extension. Group classes meeting on Mondays and Wednesdays at Hope Everlasting Ministry, 6520 Happy Hollow Road, Trussville. THE provides teachers who care about the students, are competent in their subject, will answer your questions, grade your student's work, and provide report cards at the end of each grading period. For students in Grades 6 - 12. Early registration through May 31 ($100 per class with a $300 cap per student and $700 cap per family); Regular registration June 1 - 30. ($120 per class with a $360 cap per student and $840 cap per family). Late Registration after June 30 (+$75). Tuition is $70 per class per month. Contact Tamara Mooring or Jennifer Crocker at Web site Or Facebook Trinity Homeschool Extension.


A ministry since 2013 that provides affordable, quality, college-preparatory classes to homeschool children in a Christian setting, has opened registration for the 2019-2020 school year. Classes are on Tuesdays at Spring Valley Baptist Church4193 Hwy 11, Springville, in the fellowship hall in the basement of the church.  We will be offering the following classes:  

  • SCIENCES:  Chemistry & Physics (5th-9th grade), Chemistry, Physics (Apologia curriculum and includes lab)

  • MATH:  Pre-Algebra, Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra II, Personal Finance (Math-U-See curriculum and Dave Ramsey)

  • ENGLISH:  English A with World History (5th-9th grade), American Literature (IEW and Easy Grammar with novel reading and includes a full English credit of reading, writing and grammar) 

  • HISTORY:  World History (10th-12th), Government and Economics (11th-12th) (Notgrass)

Regular registration ends June 16, 2019.  If you have any questions, please contact Heather Harkins at (205)223-6042 or

GAP Hybrid School

GAP Hybrid School is currently accepting new students for the 2019-2020 year. Early registration ends on Friday, May 31, so there is still time to lock in your spot and save money on registration fees! The registration fee for June is $150, July - $175, and August registration will be $200. 

We meet two days a week in the Pell City area with low-cost, credit-worthy classes from 1stto 12thgrade, “drop-offs”, and we have a host of dedicated, passionate and inspiring teachers (e.g., Dr. Matthew Brown)! Students will have many opportunities for social networking through special events and field trips. Several new teachers have been added for the upcoming year, as well as a Drama Class, ACT Prep Class (includes study skills and college counseling), and we will offer testing for the Stanford Achievement Test. 

We welcome the opportunity to serve you and are here to offer support and guidance for you and your family as you continue teaching your children at home. You may access our Facebook page at G.A.P. Hybrid School, our website atgaphybrid.orgor send an Email with any questions to We hope you will join us for an exciting and rewarding year! 


Crossroads Camp is NOT affiliated with Crossroads Christian School
July 1-6, 2019
YMCA Hargis Retreat Center in Chelsea AL

At the CC Flyers track awards ceremony on May 28, Tony Butler, a friend of Coach Barry Trippe, spoke to the group. Mr. Butler runs a Christian camp for children who have completed grades 3-8. Crossroads Camp is a community Christian camp; most campers receive scholarships through fundraising events held throughout the year. It is held at Hargis Retreat Center in Shelby County. 

In addition to campers, the camp welcomes mature Christians to work as volunteer staff who have a heart for children’s ministry. 

For more information, please visit their website at