Newsletter - August 2019

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Saturday August 17, 10 am
Bethel Baptist Church
8332 Moody Parkway
Odenville 35120
(about 4 miles north on Highway 411 from Community Presbyterian Church)

Doors will open at 9 am, if you want to come early and take care of business. Or stay afterwards. We have to be out of the building by 1 pm.

We're looking forward to seeing all of you on Saturday August 17! As a school, we only have this one opportunity each year to get together in one place, and I look forward to the excitement, noise, and activity. We appreciate the hospitality of Bethel Baptist Church to allow us to use their sanctuary and fellowship hall again this year. The administration tables will be set up in the foyer outside the sanctuary. Lori, Brooke, and Nancy (and others) will be there with your materials packets and LOTS of information. If you need a CSEF for any reason, we’ll have them at the administration tables. You can pay tuition too!

Jenny Bartz and her activities team (Missy, Rachel, Cortney, and others!) will have tables set up in the fellowship hall, with sign-up and registration available for school field trips and activities; there will be stations (and help!) available for you to use the CheddarUp system. In the foyer and in the hallway leading to the fellowship hall will be clubs, tutors, teachers, and others, who will be available for you to speak with personally about other extra-curricular activities for your homeschooled students.

This is a mandatory meeting, so if you are providentially hindered from attending, please contact the school office to pick up your materials packet. If you need to sign up for field trips and activities, use the information in this newsletter to make your choices, and then sign up via Cheddar Up, or contact a friend who can sign up and make payment for you at this meeting if necessary.

The church and fellowship hall will open at 9 am, if you want to come early to pick up your family materials packet, and sign up for any field trips, activities, clubs, or classes. Or you can stay after the meeting to do this.

You may need to complete a church school enrollment form IF:

  • Your family has moved from one school district to another during this past school year

  • You are adding another school-age student to the Crossroads family

  • You have a child who turned 6 years old this past school year

Compulsory attendance age in Alabama is 6 years. If you want to “opt out” of officially registering your child with a CSEF, you still must notify the school board that you are “opting out.” This applies to students who turn 6 by December 31 (not September 1). The school office can supply you with wording if you want to do that. If you are a family already enrolled with Crossroads and paying tuition, there is no advantage to opting out; you still have to be in contact with your local BOE about that child. However, if your oldest child is just now 6 years old, it saves you a year’s worth of tuition, if you opt out! Please be aware that opting out means Crossroads doesn’t keep records on your child until he/she is officially enrolled, so a transcript would not be available if you choose to enroll in a public or private school the next school year.

NEW FAMILY Orientation

Mandatory for all families who are newly enrolled in Crossroads this year 
Friday August 16, 7 pm 
Community Presbyterian Church sanctuary 

If this is your first year to homeschool with Crossroads, you must attend the New Family Orientation meeting on Friday night August 16, at 7 pm, in the sanctuary at Community Presbyterian Church. Even if you are a veteran homeschooler, if this is your first year with Crossroads, you must attend this meeting. 

At this meeting, you will: 

  • Meet Crossroads staff 

  • Become familiar with our school’s dress and behavior codes 

  • Learn how to sign up for field trips and activities 

  • Learn CRCS record-keeping requirements 

  • Learn what is expected of you as a faculty member 

This is a mandatory meeting. If you are providentially hindered from attending, contact the school office and arrange to make up this meeting. Email Debbie Landry or call the school office at 205-640-2174.


Saturday, August 17, 11:30 am – 12:30 pm
Bethel Baptist Church Sanctuary
Required meeting for all Crossroads high school students (grades 9-12) and at least one parent

If your family has a student enrolled in Crossroads in grades 9-12, your high school student(s) and at least one parent must attend this meeting. Crossroads faculty members are its parents, not the paid staff. As staff, our job is to come alongside parents in the education of their children. The purpose of this meeting is to educate, encourage, and equip parents and students as they journey through the high school years. Homeschooling provides spiritual growth and character development as well as academic excellence, positive socialization, and individual instruction by parents in basic living skills.

Because there are so many variations in the way homeschoolers do high school, we feel it is important to find a way to remind our parents yearly about some of the things that are necessary before high school graduation. Also, because of the variety of social situations in which high school students are involved, the students need to be reminded about some of the things we require of them. We’ll update you on new opportunities for high school students through dual enrollment programs with colleges, both local and on-line. The diploma requirements for Crossroads and for the state of Alabama will be highlighted as part of this meeting. Crossroads Christian School is committed to helping parents pursue both spiritual and academic excellence in their children. This high school orientation meeting is designed to aid families as they journey through the high school years.


Saturday August 17, 2 pm
Community Presbyterian Church Back Building

If you have a student in grade 7 or above, you may have questions about high school credits, graduation requirements, how to plan for your student’s high school career, and/or how to prepare your student for life beyond high school. Don’t worry, you are not alone! This seminar should help you answer some of these questions. Homeschooling is not a one-size-fits-all pattern; homeschooling is about preparing your student for whatever God may have in store for him or her. And that may not look like anyone else’s plan. But how do you know? And what should you do? Debbie Landry will offer guidelines for meeting graduation requirements; provide instruction in preparing for a vocation, college, or the military; and answer any questions you may have.



Saturday August 3, 9 am to 1 pm
Community Presbyterian Church GYM

Do you have books, curricula, or other homeschooling resources to sell? Make preparations for our second used book and curriculum sale of the summer! We open up this sale for non-Crossroads families  who want to come sell; we do charge a nominal $5 fee, payable when you come to set up on Friday afternoon or Saturday morning.

Bring cash and coin with you when you come to buy. You may be able to write checks for bigger items, but it’s much easier to have cash for the smaller items. 


The gym is divided into sections. Elementary materials (preschool through grade 6) are grouped by grade. Secondary materials (grades 7-12) are grouped by subject. Areas are set aside for reading books, teacher resource materials, multi-level, games, and miscellaneous. There’s also a section devoted to “free” materials (anything you’re willing to give away). 

If you’re selling items, please mark all your materials carefully. If something is free, write “free” on it, or on a label stuck to it. Otherwise, attach an envelope to each item, with your name, the item’s name, recommended grade level (if known), and the price. If you have more than one item in a set, band the materials together, and write how many pieces are in the set on your envelope. The purchaser will place the purchase amount in these envelopes. 

When sellers bring the books to set up, register with the cashier who will label a large manila envelope with your name and phone number. This envelope will be used to collect individual envelopes which contain payment for the materials being sold. If you have time, you might consider making a master list of your books and curricula, for your use when you pick up your money and unsold materials on Saturday.


Set up will be on Friday afternoon August 2 from 2-4 pm, and Saturday August 3 from 8-9 am. The sale will begin at 9 am Saturday morning and close promptly at 1 pm. Plan to return at 1 pm on Saturday to pick up your money and any unsold materials, or have a friend do it for you. It is very important that you comply with this requirement! Crossroads is not responsible for any materials left in the gym.


This sale is run by volunteers. Everyone who plans to sell materials must volunteer to help with either set up on Friday, or take down on Saturday afternoon, or cashiering during the sale. No books can be put out on Friday until tables and signs are in place. On Saturday we must give sellers time to collect all their materials. So take down generally begins at 1:15 or 1:30. We use 3-4 cashiers during two 2-hour shifts: 9 to 11 am, and 11 am to 1 pm. On Friday at 2 pm, tables have to be moved from other buildings to the gym. Then those tables have to be taken back on Saturday afternoon. Signs have to be put on walls on Friday and taken down on Saturday. You’re welcome to bring your children to help with these tasks. Contact the Crossroads office if you plan to sell books, and let us know how you plan to help.


Saturday August 3, 10 am 
Back Building at CPC

Do you have friends or family who are thinking about homeschooling for this coming school year? Crossroads offers FREE seminars to share information to those who are investigating this educational option. Each of these seminars lasts about 1-1/2 hours, and covers Alabama state law, how church schools fit in, some of the specifics about Crossroads Christian School, curricula choices, and a little bit on recordkeeping. Attending one of these seminars does not obligate anyone to homeschool, or to join Crossroads. We want to get out the word about homeschooling, and the final Homeschooling 101 seminar is offered Saturday August 3, at 10 am.

CRCS Activities

We are so excited about this new school year. We have lots of fun activities/field trips planned that we think you will find enriching. From the Space and Rocket Center, Desoto Caverns to a Birmingham Scavenger Hunt, I think you will find something that will help complete your planning for the 2019-2020 school year. Take a look and consider joining us. It is a great way to get to know other CRCS families while learning and playing.

We would like to welcome our new Preschool Coordinator, Cortney Bosworth.  She has been very involved in almost all of the activities at CRCS that have been offered for her children’s ages.  She has always had such a willing and helpful spirit.  My first real memory of this is when we tried to all meet for the Moundville field trip in a very small parking lot.  Courtney and her husband Rick were so helpful gathering people, directing traffic and over all being a tremendous support! We are excited about what she will bring to the activities team.

Cheddar Up has proven to be an amazing tool this past year as a way to sign up for all activities/field trips. This will continue.  If you are new, you can click on the tutorial below as a way to learn how to sign up for activities.  You will continue to sign up for all field trips thru Cheddar Up.  All of the detailed information about the trips can be found by linking to Cheddar Up below or you can ALWAYS go to our website at and connect to Cheddar Up there. Below you will find a summary of all that is being offered.

Once you sign up and pay, you will receive an email receipt. It will have all of your activities/field trips that you have signed up for listed. Make sure you save this for future use. If you lose it, you can always look up Cheddar Up in your email and find it again.

We look forward to seeing you this year.

Jenny Bartz and the Activities Team


Contact Information:
Jenny Bartz, Activities Director (205) 577-0212
Missy Lowery, Teen Coordinator (205) 910-0893
Rachel Wheelis, Elementary Coordinator (205) 335-1936
Cortney Bosworth, Preschool Coordinator (205) 238-9665


Activities/Field Trips Summary

Here is a summary of all that we are offering right now. Details can be found on Cheddar Up. Go there to sign up.

Alabama Symphony Orchestra:

  • Explorers Concert (Pre-K- 2nd Grade) - Wednesday, September 25 (notice conflict date with Wee Folks production) - Northpark Baptist, Trussville

  • Young People’s Concert (3rd–6th Grade) - Wednesday, November 6 - Samford University Wright Center

  • Teen Coffee Concerts (7th-12th Grade) – Fridays November 15 and April 3 - 11 a.m. at UAB's Alys Stephens Center

Birmingham Children’s Theater:

BCT has been very gracious for the past 2 years and allowed us to stay with the old pricing that allowed adults to purchase tickets for the same price as the student. This year we have to change to the new pricing. The adult ticket for each Mainstage production is $15 and Wee Folks is $10. We are offering individual plays instead of the grouping to allow you the ability to just choose 1 play or you can still choose them all! All are at the BJCC on Wednesday.

Wee Folks: geared for children up to age 6

  • The City Mouse & Country Mouse - September 25 (notice conflict date with Explorers Concert)

  • Mr. Poppers Penguins – December 11

  • Rapunzel and the Rabbit – January 29

  • The True Story of the 3 Little Pigs - March 18

MainStage: geared for ages 6 and up

  • The Watsons go to Birmingham 1963 – October 2

  • A Year with Frog and Toad – December 4

  • Bunnicula – February 12

  • The Sword in the Stone – April 1

Alabama Ballet

The Nutcracker – Thursday, December 12 at Samford University Wright Center

Field Trips

  • Back to School Bash – All Ages – August 30: 9 a.m.-2 p.m. at WorldSong camp in Cook Springs

  • Desoto Caverns – Elementary 1st–6th grade, September 12 – Max of 100

  • Publix and Lakeside Park – Pre K – 2nd grade, September 17th

  • Scavenger Hunt Birmingham – 7th– 12th grade, September 21

  • Huntsville Space and Rocket Center 1st–12th, October 10 OR October 24 – Max 100 each day

  • Oak Mountain State Park – Pre K-2nd grade, October 17 – Max 30

October Teen Dance

  • October 18, CPC Gym

Birmingham Southern Environmental Center

  • Teens, November 14

  • Elementary, November 21

Moody Fire Station and Park

  • Pre-K-2nd Grade, November 19

Christmas Parties

  • Elementary and Teens, December 13.

Ballroom Dance Class

Why should I even consider Ballroom Dance for my teen?

  1. Social Skills – can you believe I said that? Yep! Ballroom dancing not only teaches the skill of dancing, but the incredibly important skills of actually asking people to dance. Out loud. Without texting. This, even by itself, builds confidence and self-esteem. 

  2. Physical Skills and Activity- It is exercise! It builds coordination, grace, poise and posture.
    A unique hobby with a future. Students often ask, “What am I ever going to do with (insert subject here)?” With ballroom dance you can always point to that future wedding they will want to dance at, maybe even their own!

  3. So, we would love to see your 9th-12thgrader. (must be 14 by September 30 of the current year as well as no older than 19 by the same date.) Chris Bailey of Bailey Dance will be our lead instructor.


*This class is open to Crossroads students only. Due to the large number of participants, we will not be able to allow non CRCS students to attend.

$10.00 Registration fee per student at the first class. Only one time for the whole year.

Each class is $5.00 and begins September 6th.

Classes are each Friday from 1:30-2:30 in the CRCS gym.

  • September 6, 13, 20, 27

  • October 4, 11, 25 (Theme dance 18th)

  • November 1, 8, 15, 22 (No 29th class, Thanksgiving break)

  • December 6

Yearbook Staff

Students in grades 9-12

Yearbook is a great choice as an activity this year! Why? The reasons are many but
just to highlight a few:

  • Learn skills by working together in a group.

  • Learn about the edesign program used by Herff Jones to produce a fantastic

  • Learn and use leadership skills

  • Have opportunities to use photography skills.

  • Have FUN!


  • Must be in grades 9-12

  • Must be able to attend monthly meetings the 3rdFriday of each month from 12:30-1:30.

  • Must have a laptop that they can bring to each meeting. We have found that without a laptop (not a tablet), there is not much you can do at the meetings.

  • 1st meeting September 20, 2019 / 12:30-1:30 CRCS back building.

Advisor: Jenny Bartz and Trenity Whitfield

Pick up your 2018-2019 Yearbook
at the August faculty meeting

Yearbook 2019-2020

Don’t miss out. Go ahead and order and pay for your yearbook. They are $37. There will be a table at the faculty meeting or you can come by the office.


As you know, the yearbook is only as good as the photos that are submitted. The yearbook staff will be working all year to create a keepsake to remember CRCS year 2019-2020

We need your help. You can do this by staying on top of your photos and submit them quickly so the staff can “do their thing!” As your child participates in field trips, dances, home activities, individual sports or arts, take photos! Pick the best of the best and upload them to our eshare site. We will allow 2 weeks after a particular event for photos to be uploaded and then the staff will make the pages. So in order for your student to be represented we need your photos so upload them right away. 

Here is the link but remember you can ALWAYS find this link on our website.

Please use the code: CROSSROADS2015

Elementary Play

There will be a sign up sheet for auditions and more information at the first faculty meeting. The important dates to know are:

  • Auditions - August 26th & 27th

  • Rehearsals start - September 6th

  • Tech week - November 11th through 13th

  • Performances - November 14th & 15th

We are looking forward to another great year!

Thanks so much!
Elise Hill

Key Club Logo.png

Welcome Back!

The Key Club had another stupendous year serving our community and we are ready to get started on another! We will be set up at the first faculty meeting to answer your questions and fill out registration forms. The cost to join is $55. Key Club is for students in high school. If you have any questions prior to the faculty meeting you may call Tere Sizemore at 205-281-7916. If your student wants to talk to another student they can contact our officers.

School t-shirts will be available for purchase for $20 each at the first faculty meeting. If we sell out, then orders will be taken.

President – Cassie Cunningham / (205) 603-2524
Vice President – Mark Allison
Secretary – Sarah White
Editor – Joshua Dodgen
Chaplain – Kayla Allison
Key Club Advisor – Tere Sizemore

Tere Sizemore
Key Club Advisor

Builders Club.jpg

The Builders Club is open to any Crossroads students in grades 6, 7, and 8 who are interested in developing servant leadership skills while having fun and making friends! There is usually one meeting per month on the second Friday, 12:30-1:30 pm, with occasional field trips and service projects. One thing we’re lacking right now is a faculty advisor. Anyone out there interested in this position? Please be aware that Debbie Landry has a list of potential “applicants” and will be making phone calls soon!

Eta Sigma Alpha is the first honor society established exclusively for homeschooled students in Grades 9-12.  A candidate for membership must meet all of the requirements set forth at as well as requirements described on the local chapter application, which will be made available at the August faculty meeting.

The first meeting of Eta Sigma Alpha is scheduled for 1 p.m. on Thursday, September 19th, at CRCS. Please contact faculty advisor, , with any questions: 205-352-8196

Crossroads Christian Co-op

Fall semester will be starting soon!

Teachers, please submit your class descriptions by clicking here.

Please note that August 26th is the only time you may register for classes. If you have any questions about the process please email

Co-op Calendar

August 2 | Teacher descriptions are due

August 26 10am-12pm | Registration CPC gym

September 13 | First day of class

November 15 | Last day of class

CC Flyers Running Club

CC Flyers running club will start their fall season on Thursday August 15 4:00 at Moody Park. Work outs are held on Thursdays at 4:00 and Saturdays at 8:00AM. The season ends on November 16. For more information email

Coach Trippe


Yes, we have a band here at Crossroads! Whether you’ve been playing for years or are looking for a new musical adventure we’ve got you covered here with Crossroads Band! 

If you have already been through at least one year of band experience (whether public school or private lessons) then the Crossroads Band is for you! We are a group of experienced musicians that love to perform! We’re always looking for new musicians to join our group. 

Maybe you’re new to music or want to learn a new band instrument. Crossroads Beginning Band is the place for you! In this band we learn the basics of reading and performing music with traditional band instruments (flute, clarinet, saxophone, trumpet, trombone, tuba, drums). We pace the class to meet the needs of the students performing in the class. No worries,we’ve got you covered!

Maybe you’re looking for a class for a younger student. The Recorder Band is the place for grades kindergarten to third grade! We learn the basics of reading music and performing our music for others! This is a great introductory music class for the younger student. 

We also offer private lessons as well. Please contact me for further information. 

Let’s start the new school year with an adventure in music! Please contact me for more information concerning all the musical options we have here at Crossroads! 

Shannon Monroe, Director
(205) 601-2198

Piano, Flute and Ukulele Lessons

We are currently accepting music students for the Fall semester! Limited space available! Lessons for piano, flute and ukulele. Contact Jennifer Day by phone: (205) 999-8558 or e-mail:

Jennifer Day
(205) 999-8558


A ministry since 2013 that provides affordable, quality, college-preparatory classes to homeschool children in a Christian setting, has opened registration for the 2019-2020 school year. Classes are on Tuesdays at Spring Valley Baptist Church4193 Hwy 11, Springville, in the fellowship hall in the basement of the church.  We will be offering the following classes:  

  • SCIENCES:  Chemistry & Physics (5th-9th grade), Chemistry, Physics (Apologia curriculum and includes lab)

  • MATH:  Pre-Algebra, Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra II, Personal Finance (Math-U-See curriculum and Dave Ramsey)

  • ENGLISH:  English A with World History (5th-9th grade), American Literature (IEW and Easy Grammar with novel reading and includes a full English credit of reading, writing and grammar) 

  • HISTORY:  World History (10th-12th), Government and Economics (11th-12th) (Notgrass)

Regular registration ends June 16, 2019.  If you have any questions, please contact Heather Harkins at (205)223-6042 or

GAP Hybrid School

GAP Hybrid School is currently accepting new students for the 2019-2020 year. Early registration ends on Friday, May 31, so there is still time to lock in your spot and save money on registration fees! The registration fee for June is $150, July - $175, and August registration will be $200. 

We meet two days a week in the Pell City area with low-cost, credit-worthy classes from 1stto 12thgrade, “drop-offs”, and we have a host of dedicated, passionate and inspiring teachers (e.g., Dr. Matthew Brown)! Students will have many opportunities for social networking through special events and field trips. Several new teachers have been added for the upcoming year, as well as a Drama Class, ACT Prep Class (includes study skills and college counseling), and we will offer testing for the Stanford Achievement Test. 

We welcome the opportunity to serve you and are here to offer support and guidance for you and your family as you continue teaching your children at home. You may access our Facebook page at G.A.P. Hybrid School, our website atgaphybrid.orgor send an Email with any questions to We hope you will join us for an exciting and rewarding year! 

Trinity Homeschool Extension

It's time to get with THE program: Trinity Homeschool Extension. Group classes meeting on Mondays and Wednesdays at Hope Everlasting Ministry, 6520 Happy Hollow Road, Trussville. THE provides teachers who care about the students, are competent in their subject, will answer your questions, grade your student's work, and provide report cards at the end of each grading period. For students in Grades 6 - 12. Early registration through May 31 ($100 per class with a $300 cap per student and $700 cap per family); Regular registration June 1 - 30. ($120 per class with a $360 cap per student and $840 cap per family). Late Registration after June 30 (+$75). Tuition is $70 per class per month. Contact Tamara Mooring or Jennifer Crocker at Web site Or Facebook Trinity Homeschool Extension.

OFFICE HOURS: Crossroads office has regular office hours on Tuesdays and Thursdays 9 am to 3 pm. Call and leave a message, and we’ll return your phone call. E-mail is always a good way to get in touch with us, almost any time!

TUITION: All Crossroads families will receive a monthly email reminder (through QuickBooks) on the last day of each month about next month’s tuition. There is a link through the QuickBooks e-mail to pay tuition from your bank to the Crossroads bank and you can pay for more than one month at a time. School year 2019-20 began on June 1, 2019 for Returning Families. Tuition for New Families who joined over the summer begins in August. You always have the option of paying by cash or check at faculty meetings or in the office. And you can mail checks also. We do not accept credit cards. If you believe there is a discrepancy, please contact the office so we can verify. If you are not receiving the QuickBooks e-mail, please let us know that also. 

TRANSCRIPT REQUEST: Lori Booth is our registrar, so if you need a transcript for any reason, please contact her directly, or send an e-mail to the office. If we have to prepare a transcript from scratch, it may take up to two weeks to produce it, depending on work volume. So don’t wait until the last minute to make that transcript request, and remember we need your up-to-date records before we can do it! 

WORK PERMITS: Under the current state law, work permits are no longer required for your teenager. If a 14YO or 15YO is working, he or she must provide an Eligibility to Work form to employers, which can be obtained from the Crossroads office. Students 16 years or older do not need anything from the school. For more information, check the Child Labor Law 

DRIVERS PERMIT and DRIVERS LICENSE: If your student plans to take the driver’s permit test, you need to take a current copy of a church school enrollment form (CSEF) to prove that he or she is enrolled in school. If you need a CSEF for any reason, you can pick it up during regular office hours or at faculty meetings. Or call and request that we mail it to you. 

BOX TOPS FOR EDUCATION: Thanks for continuing to collect and turn in those Boxtops for Education. Clip those box tops off General Mills products and bring them into the school office, or deposit them in the box at faculty meetings. Each box top is worth 10 cents to our school, which adds up quickly when we all work together. Funds collected through this program are used for projects that benefit Crossroads students up through the 8th grade. 

POP TABS for RONALD McDONALD HOUSE: Builders Club students are still collecting pop tabs for the Ronald McDonald House in Birmingham. Little things can make a big difference. You can help support the Ronald McDonald House by collecting the little tabs you pull to open soda, soup, or other aluminum cans. Bring them in to the school office, or to the faculty meetings! THANKS!