Is it legal to homeschool in Alabama?

Homeschooling is legal in all 50 of our United States, but the laws that govern it vary widely from state to state. Alabama does not have a homeschooling law. Parents who wish to teach their children at home do so through church schools. Crossroads Christian School is a church school for parents who want to teach their own children at home.

What is the compulsory attendance age in Alabama?

Up until this past spring, the compulsory attendance age was 7 years, meaning you did not have to enroll your child in school until he or she was 7 years old.  This past year the state legislature lowered the age to 6 years.  However, they did give parents an option.  You can choose to “opt out” of enrolling your child in school until he or she is 7, but you must notify your local BOE in writing that you are choosing to opt out. 

I am brand new to the concept of homeschooling. How do I get started?

Crossroads offers free seminars

How to Get Started Homeschooling

Thursday Aug 9, 7 pm

These seminars are free, open to anyone, and do not commit you to join Crossroads. They will last about
 1-1/2 hours and cover topics such as the Alabama state law and homeschooling, curriculum choices, and recordkeeping.

How do I homeschool my high school age student?

If you have high school students, you may be interested in this free seminar:

How to Homeschool through High School

Saturday August 25, 1:30 pm

How do I register for these seminars?

Please phone or e-mail the Crossroads office to register for the seminar, so we will have adequate materials prepared. For more info, contact the Crossroads office at 205 640-2174 or 

Where are these seminars? 

All these events will take place at:
Community Presbyterian Church, 825 Oak Boulevard, Moody, AL 35004

DIRECTIONS: Take I-20 to Moody/Odenville/Leeds exit (#144). Go north on Hwy 411 toward Moody and Odenville, around ¾ mile. Look for Community Presbyterian on the left side of the road. Turn left onto Oak Blvd, then take the third right turn into a parking lot. There are two buildings on that side of the road. Go down beside the front building, to the building in the back. Seminar will be held in the back building. Signs will be posted to tell you what room.

How do I enroll in Crossroads?

Our on-line application process will be available by May 1 each year.

Following completion of the application, you will be contacted for an interview sometime in June and July. The interview will last about 30 minutes; you will have an opportunity to ask specific questions, and we will complete required paperwork (a records request form which will be sent to your student’s former school, and a Church School Enrollment Form which goes to your local board of education.) Don’t forget to download a printed copy of the pastor’s questionnaire and give it to your pastor to complete; give him a stamped, self-addressed envelope (to Crossroads) so the questionnaire can be mailed directly to the school office.

Are there other opportunities for me for additional training about homeschooling? 

Please check out the state homeschool convention and prayerfully consider attending.

CHEF (Christian Home Education Fellowship) of Alabama
State Convention 
Building Faithful Families – Serving an Unfailing God

Speakers: John Stonestreet, Mike Smith, Todd Wilson

Lots of information-packed workshops
Curriculum Hall
Children’s program for ages 3-12
Thursday and Friday, June 21-22

Gardendale First Baptist Church (old campus). Information and registration is at

Debbie Landry
Crossroads Christian School

825 Oak Boulevard
Moody, AL 35004
(205) 640-2174 office