Parental Requirements

When a family enrolls in Crossroads, the parents agree to several requirements as a result of that enrollment. It is understood that parents in a family will be a man and a woman, who are legally married to each other. Single-parent families will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

  1. CRCS has a 170-day school year. Parents must keep daily attendance records.
  2. Parents must keep daily records of subject matter covered. First-year home school parents with CRCS must turn in these daily record plans with their quarterly evaluations. Forms are provided by CRCS. Your lesson plans are the legal document that education has occurred.
  3. Parents must turn in evaluation forms for each of their students every quarter. Forms are provided by CRCS.
  4. At least one parent must attend the quarterly faculty meetings (August, October, January, March).
  5. Each family must pay $35 per month tuition, June through May. The tuition is due on the first of each month and can be paid from the invoice you receive via e-mail each month. It can also be done as a direct payment through your bank account. Or you can pay with check or cash, mailed or delivered to the CRCS office. No records will be relinquished and no diplomas will be given if there is any outstanding financial obligation.
  6. Any family applying for admission to CRCS who has a student over 16 years of age must pay the entire year’s tuition ($350) at the time of admission. If they decide to withdraw from CRCS, they must notify the CRCS administrator before the remaining tuition will be refunded to them. If a new family has a 16 year old (or older) who is transferring in from another home school or if they have been using the private school law to homeschool, they must provide a copy of the student’s transcript prior to or at the personal interview. (The transcript can be official or unofficial.) If your church school or private school does not provide transcripts, it is the parents’ responsibility to do this. All new students must have a transcript from their former school, not just grades. If you have used the private school law to legally homeschool, you must create your student’s transcript; you are a private school.
  7. Membership in Home School Legal Defense Association must be kept current. CRCS has a group membership with HSLDA which allows families to join at a discounted rate.  Exceptions to this rule are allowed if the students are under age 6 or age 17 and over.
  8. The primary teacher must not be employed full-time outside of the home. Full-time is understood to be 8-5 Monday through Friday. If your family circumstances make it necessary that the primary teacher be employed outside the home, you are obligated to inform the CRCS board and make arrangements for your children’s education.
  9. The parent/teacher must subscribe to the statement of Doctrinal Beliefs, have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, and be a member in good standing of an evangelical church. Enrollment in Crossroads requires that your pastor verify yearly that you are an active member.
  10. Parents are responsible to instruct their children in the subject areas required by state law, but are free to choose the curriculum best suited for their child’s needs. Ultimately, parents are responsible to God for the job they do educating their children.
  11. Both parents and students are expected to agree with the policies and procedures outlined in the School Handbook; students and parents must abide by the dress, grooming, and behavior standards at all school events.
  12. If a family moves to a different school district during the time of enrollment with CRCS, the parents must complete a Church School Enrollment Form and submit it to the new school district office.
  13. Returning families must re-register on-line by June 15 each year. Proof of continued church membership is part of the re-registration process. All records and tuition must be up to date before a family may re-register.
  14. A copy of the Crossroads by-laws is available in the school office for anyone who would like to read them. Board meetings are scheduled quarterly and are open for anyone who wants to attend. Dates are publicized in the school calendar.
  15. Students and faculty of Crossroads Christian School should seek to glorify God and build up one another through their conversation. Therefore, profane, slanderous, sacrilegious, obscene or suggestive language is inappropriate and is not acceptable. Flagrantly abusive language, bullying, racial disrespect and/or disrespectful conduct will not be tolerated. Possession of pornography and computer/ internet/cell phone use for pornographic, defiant or vicious purposes is prohibited. Since our school uses church facilities throughout the community for various functions, it is imperative that our conduct and attitude be respectful and considerate at all times. Respect for authority is expected of each student and parent for any staff member at all times. Continued disrespect will result in disciplinary action which can be taken by a teacher, administrator, and/or other school staff. Specific examples of behavior that may require school disciplinary action are listed in the School Handbook.
  16. Students and faculty of Crossroads Christian School are expected to dress neatly, modestly and appropriately for the occasion at all school events. Each student is expected to submit to the judgment of school officials regarding interpretation of these dress and grooming standards. When a student or parent chooses to dress inappropriately and is asked to change, immediate cooperation will be expected. Specific examples of dress and grooming standards are given in the School Handbook.