As the year progresses, please take the time to select the best of your photos and upload them for the yearbook. Think about the field trips you go on with the group or with your family. Think of sports or individual arts your student participates in. It could be scouting, football, soccer, cheer, volleyball, dance, piano, violin, tap, ballet, mug shots, track, basketball or home activities.

Tag the photos with the names of people in it and the event. It does take time to upload. You can do 10 at a time. This is the same process as when you upload to something like Shutterfly.
To upload photos, go to and enter the school code: CROSSROADS2015

Contact: or

Step 1: Fill in your personal contact information in the form and select “Browse for Images”. You may upload up to 10 images at a time.

Step 2: Once you’ve selected your images and uploaded them, you must click on each thumbnail (small image) and provide the grade and names of the students in the photo and provide us with a brief description of the club, activity, etc. Please be sure to provide a description so we aren’t guessing who and what the photo is all about.

Step 3: Select “Submit Image Information”. It’s just that easy.